Getting a Library Card

Library Cards And Card Holder Responsibilities Policy

Applicants 18 and Older

Applicants 18 and older must present a photo ID and proof of current address.  A photo ID may include a valid driver’s license, state issued, school, or military ID, or passport.  Proof of current address may include a valid driver’s license, recent utility/phone bill, lease, blank check, car registration, or a piece of mail received at the current address within the last 30 days.  Persons residing in a shelter, correctional facility, or a residential treatment facility are also required to provide a letter from the facility stating they are currently a resident of said facility.  Arrangements for a library card will be made for homebound applicants who will be participating in the library’s Books on the Go program.

Applicants 14-17

Applicants 14-17 years of age, who are not accompanied by a parent, must present a photo ID to apply for a card.  A photo ID may include a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit, state issued, or school ID, or passport.  If the photo ID does not include a current address, teens must present a document that includes their name and current street address.  A handwritten note is not acceptable.  A photo ID from a parent or guardian who is present at the time the card is issued is also sufficient.  Library staff will not call a parent or legal guardian to verify an applicant’s address/information.

Applicants Younger than 14

Applicants younger than 14 must have a parent or guardian present to apply for a library card.  A photo ID with proof of street address of the parent or legal guardian is required.  A guardian may be requested to supply documentation showing that they are legally responsible for the child being issued a library card.

Temporary Status

For the first 60 days after registering for a new library card, patrons will be limited in the number of items they can have checked out.  They may have any combination of up to five (5) items in the following categories: books; magazines; audiobooks; or puppets.  They may also have one (1) DVD and one (1) music CD checked out.

Library cardholders residing in a shelter, correctional facility, or residential treatment facility will remain on Temporary Status as long as they are staying at said facility.  Upon leaving the facility and providing proof of their new/current address, their status will be changed.

The Library reserves the right to change the status of any library cardholder if he/she is consistently unable to comply with the library’s circulation policy or due to excessive fees/fines on his/her account.